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disha salian age

Disha Salian is a famous Indian actor and executive from Karnataka who popularized her appearance on the popular television show “Life’s a Movie.” She was mostly known as an ex-actor with various popular Hindi films, including Bhai Dooj, Jodha Akbar, Baahubali and Ashok (The Golden Route). She also became popular in Bollywood with her association with the famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput. She managed to create some buzz in the Bollywood industry as she was associated with some well-known stars of the ’80s, including Ashok Kumar, Neeta Lulla, Jazzy B and Hrithik Roshan.

Disha Salian

The name Disha Salian is quite popular in the Hindi film industry. This actress has been associated with some interesting roles in well-known movies. Disha Salian started her career after appearing in the Kismet Konnection movie. After that, she appeared in some more films in which her character was very popular. Her most known character in any Indian movie is Chhotelal, in Apna Dandiya.

Disha Salian age

Disha Salian

Disha Salian attended Ruparel College and graduated from there with a first-class degree in journalism. She joined a few other universities in India to complete her degree. After completing her educational qualifications, she has worked in various companies in the last ten years, such as Hindustan Shipyard, Shipra Group, Unitech, Tata Steel etc. But, her most famous role is that of managing a well know social media site in Mumbai called Twitter. Disha Salian has also gained some good experience in operating Twitter from a management level.

Disha Salian is a good example of a celebrity manager who is successful in her field and at the same time has a very humble background and upbringing. She has managed to achieve a good status in her field and has achieved a good following even among non-Indians. This is a great achievement for someone who has come from humble beginnings. If anyone wants to be a celebrity manager, you must have qualities such as integrity, leadership skills, communication skills, and business sense. These are some of the most important qualities of being a successful celebrity manager.

Disha Salian age

Disha Salian age

Disha Salian, the name, is derived from her late mother, a famous Indian actress and singer. Disha Salian was a famous Indian actress and singer from Karnataka. She mostly became popular as an ex-actor to late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajpath. She worked with numerous other famous Indians such as Bharti Singh, Rajinikanth, Dayal Bagh and Yayme Gandhi.

Disha Salian did not have the good looks to be an actress or a singer, but she had an incredible mind that worked hard and became one of the best known Indian actresses. She appeared in some very good movies such as Kama Sutra as well as Krantz as well. Her most famous role was in the Krantz movie as well as Manu Mulan. Her other film roles include Ashok Kumar’s Baahubali, Apuji’s Bhagwati, Sharukh Khan’s Om Shanti, Kavala and Chupriya Surveys Trupti starrer.

Today, her son Manish (who is her son from another relationship) runs her business and serves as her manager. She was married to another actor called Ajit Singh, a Rajasthani and similarly worked with Jayme Gandhi. A new project that she is associated with is called Mankatha. She has gone on to produce a movie of her own entitled Baahubali. Some information about Disha Salian is that she is still very much in demand today in Mumbai, and she has many roles that she can do.

Disha Salian Family Member

Disha Salian was the first of many generations of Salians to live in Malaysia. Born and raised here, she has maintained strong ties with the Malay people throughout her life. Although she is not a direct member of the Malays, her parents still call the land of her birth “Disha.” She is a deep believer in the Malay religion. She follows their religious practices, even though she is ineligible to vote in a national plebiscite due to her status as a foreign voter.

Disha Salian Career

disha salian

Disha Salian is a young actress from India whose name sounds very much like the ‘Queen of Mouthfuls’ – Debra Dusky. She began her acting career at 18 in Kerala in the very popular Tamil movie ‘Mankatha.’ She appeared in over 30 films and even appeared in the Hindi movie ‘Chak De! India as herself! But it was her stints in Hollywood that grabbed the attention and led her to a name synonymous with sultry sex appeal and raunchy humor – Disha Salian.

Disha Salian Relatives and Others Relation

A former intimate confidant of Disha Salian, Nitesh Rane, has alleged that there’s a definite connection between the death of the much-ballyhuberted singer and senior Bharatiya Lok party leader Amit Shah. He alleged that Disha Salian was forced into a live-in relationship with Rohan Rai, a friend of Shah’s from Mumbai. According to media reports at the time, they were married in 2021 and moved into a small rented house in Belgravia. However, they reportedly split up six months later, following a heated argument in the house. The marriage was annulled soon after; no official reason was given for the split.

Disha Salian Personal Information

Home Town Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Address/ Speech Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
School Dadar Parsi Youths Assembly High School
College R.D National College
Qualification Bachelors in Mass Media
Hobbies Partying, Travelling
Marital Status Engaged
Salary Will update
Net Worth Will update
Official Website N/A

Disha Salian Body

Skin Colour Brown
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black


Favorite Color Red
Favorite Sport Cricket
Favorite Actress Kajol Devgan
Favorite Actor Shah Rukh Khan
Favorite Film Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Favorite Place Greece
Favorite Dress Western Dress
Favorite Food Pizza
Favorite Accessories Watches, Earrings

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