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Sophia Diamond Biography

Sophia Diamond is a social media phenomenon, known mainly for posting on YouTube, where she claims to be a “Dancing With The Stars” contestant. However, in reality, Sophia is an accomplished dancer and has been performing salsa dance routines for years. Her YouTube channel has taken the internet by storm, garnering hundreds of thousands of views in just a few months. She’s also made a name for herself on Instagram, with over a hundred thousand followers.

Sophia Diamond

Sophia diamond is slightly shorter than average for body measurements, weighing in at 98 pounds and standing at just under six feet, two inches tall. She is consistently sized as an average woman, and her clothing choices reflect that. These days, she is rarely seen without a stylish high heel or sexy stilettos, and her favourite colour continues to be black.

As if her modelling career wasn’t enough, Sophia diamond has also gained fans as an entrepreneur. She started her online store, called “Sophie & Saphie,” after moving from Russia to Los Angeles. The store features various Russian inspired dresses, shoes, jewellery, and a wide selection of other trendy, edgy items. Despite not being as large as some of her former online followers, she still has nearly three million followers on Twitter and even has her business blog.

Sophia Diamond Age

Sophia Diamond Age

Born in 2001 in Russia, Sophia celebrates her birthday on 21st August.

Sophia Diamond Age is 17-year-old has lived in quite a few countries. As a baby, while she was at the age of eight months, the TikTok star’s family migrated to Israel. Little Sophia lived there till she was 11 years old; then, she moved to Canada. Interestingly, she boasts multiple nationalities as she holds the citizenships of Israel, Canada, and Russia. Courtesy of living in these countries, she is fluent in Hebrew, English, and Russian.

Sophia Diamond TikTok

Sophia Diamond age is seventeen years old. In her most recent video, she says she was seven when she started modelling. She was also previously trained as an extra in the movie theatres, and she was a dancer in high school. The original model grew up in a low-income family in New Jersey. Her father was an unemployed labourer, and her mother left to be a full-time nurse.

Sophia Diamond Age

Sophia diamond

Sophia Diamond Age wears a small, tight-fitting, low cut blouse in the video. This style of dress was worn by the previous Miss World winner of this title, Hazard Cashier. However, Cashier’s gown was two sizes smaller than Sophia Diamond Age’s. That makes me wonder if the video makers wanted to make Sophia Diamond Age look like Cashier because she is a model with a large bust and a smaller waist. Perhaps they wanted her to appear slimmer to make her seem more appealing to the male public.

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Sophia diamond instagram

After this video went viral, Sophia Diamond Age made several appearances on the Twitter and Facebook accounts. Shortly after that, she appeared on the eve of the 21st anniversary of the deadly terrorist attack on the twin towers in New York. The caption to her tweet read “walked today to pay my respects. Thinking about you, my friends. I’ll never forget this day.”

As a trained gymnast Sophia has a fit body. Well, she stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches ( 1.65 m).

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