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York is a leading international teaching and research university in Toronto, Canada and a driving force for positive change. Its welcoming and diverse community of changemakers offers a uniquely global perspective and prepares students for long-term success. Together the university is making things right for communities, the planet, and the future.

York University
York University


Exploring Passions: Find a Program

York’s 11 different faculties offer over 200 high quality undergraduate, masters, and PhD programs that invite students to engage in new modes of learning and discovery. Many undergraduate programs at York allow students to combine two areas of interest and pursue a double major or major-minor. York’s programs offer practical, hands-on learning opportunities including co-ops, placements, internships, and practicums. Develop important professional skills before entering the Canadian or international job market.

A Welcoming Student Community

From the moment students join York University, they are part of a vibrant and engaged student community with exciting welcome events including the Global Peer Program, pre-arrival activities, and academic and social orientations. York is an accessible and inclusive space with over 20 community support partners to make students’ health, safety and sense of belonging the highest priorities.

Helping Global Students Achieve Their Goals

In the heart of one of the most diverse and safest cities in North America, York University welcomes applicants from around the world. Its English Language Institution’s mission is to provide the highest quality English language training programs for international students who wish to improve their English skills for academic and professional purposes. A number of high value scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available to support international applicants in pursuing their studies.

University ranking

QS World University Rankings Times Higher Education World University Rankings
2024 2023 2022 2023 2022 2021
353 456 494 401 401 401
+103 +38

What’s new

Markham Campus: Opening 2024

Challenging the traditions of what a university campus can offer, Markham Campus will act as a unique meeting place for students to interact directly with employers, start-up companies and community partners from across the region.

NEW: Program in Data Science

York University’s new Data Science program is designed to address the emerging need for expertise in data science across nearly all industries. Students will become familiar with the nature and needs of analyzing large and complex data through case studies in specific domains such as business, health, and digital media. A hands-on capstone project will allow students to engage in research with data in an industry setting.

Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (EUC)

York University has a new and dynamic faculty – the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (EUC) – ready to take up the challenges of the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and increased urbanization, and their impact on people and the planet. The new faculty builds on existing academic and research excellence to become a leader in tackling environmental and social issues, and the climate crisis, by bringing together the Faculty of Environmental Studies and the Department of Geography. EUC will prepare students to take on some of the most difficult challenges in the world today and empower them to be changemakers for a sustainable and just future.


How much will it cost?

Average tuition fees per year Living costs
CAD$33,791 CAD$18,825 CAD$18,463 CAD$7,512
Undergraduate  Postgraduate  Living costs To live on campus

Scholarships & funding

York recognizes your tenacity, determination and achievements with a variety of high value scholarships, awards and bursaries for international students. Some of the scholarships and awards that are available include:

Application-Based Scholarships and Awards

President’s International Scholarship of Excellence (up to CAD 180,000)

20 of these scholarships are awarded per year, valued at CAD 45,000 per year. It is renewable for an additional three years of full-time undergraduate study if the student maintains good academic standing each year.

Tentanda Via Award (up to CAD 120,000)

15 of these awards are awarded per year, valued at CAD 30,000 per year. It is renewable for an additional three years of full-time undergraduate study if the student maintains good academic standing each year.

Global Leader of Tomorrow Award for International Students (up to CAD 80,000)

Two are awarded per year, valued at CAD 20,000 per year. It is renewable for an additional three years of full-time undergraduate study if the student maintains a high academic standing each year.

International Circle of Scholar’s Scholarship

One is awarded per year, valued at CAD 15,000 toward a student’s first year of study.

York University Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students

Five to ten are awarded each year, valued at CAD 5,000 to CAD 10,000 toward a student’s first year of study.

Additional scholarships are awarded by academic faculty or program. For a full list of scholarships, students can visit the university website.

Automatic Scholarships and Awards

Admitted students will automatically be assessed for the following awards and granted them, if eligible. No application is required:

  • York University Talent Entrance Scholarships
  • Lassonde Entrance Scholarships
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (LA&PS) International Student Entrance Scholarships
  • Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship


Entry requirements

York looks forward to receiving student applications and supporting students throughout the admission process.

York University has a set of general admission requirements for entry to any of its programs. In addition to these requirements, a student’s program of interest may require additional prerequisite courses, minimum grades and/or a supplementary application component like a video interview, audition or portfolio review. Students should be sure to familiarize themselves with all admission requirements before they apply.

Courses and programs are offered in different languages depending on the campus where they are taught. Keele Campus offers English speaking courses and Glendon Campus offers a bilingual French and English learning environment. In order to successfully apply to these campuses, applicants must provide sufficient evidence of language proficiency in their chosen program’s language of instruction.

To find out more about the entry requirements for York, students can visit the ’Admission and Application Procedures for International Students’ page. For more specific information, students can consult the minimum admission requirements listed by country.

Department and Faculty

Teaching quality

Since its founding in 1959, York provided a diverse community of students with access to a high-quality, research-intensive learning environment committed to the public good. The knowledge and skills students develop at York through immersive experiential learning will prepare them for success in a rapidly changing global knowledge economy.

Teaching excellence is at the core of York University’s mission. Many of its dedicated, award-winning professors are recognized locally and nationally for championing learning approaches that engage and inspire students. From guest speakers that will give unique perspectives on course content, to connecting with experts and thought leaders in students’ fields, York offers unique learning experiences that will reshape student perceptions of learning within a classroom setting.

York University is a leader in using technology to make learning more accessible and adaptable to students’ multidimensional lives. Professors at York are continuing to develop innovative approaches using technology to enhance access, student learning and the student experience.

York University’s work-focused experiential education opportunities allow students to develop competencies and skills in live workplace environments. From paid co-op and internship programs to placements and a wide variety of practicums, York offers many learning experiences across a number of faculties and programs to connect classroom learning to the workplace.

York has partnerships with industry, governments, non-profit and private sector companies, as well as other educational institutions, in addition to 300 global partnerships across more than 60 countries.

Department structure

York University’s renowned academic faculties introduce students to a broad perspective of the world that celebrates original thought and theory. Its flexible cross-discipline programming, innovative course design and diverse experiential learning provide students with an amazing variety of academic opportunities.

Each faculty offers a wide range of degree programs, courses and certificate options, in addition to a selection of interdisciplinary programs which may involve joint offerings from multiple Faculties. Further detail about a faculty’s courses, staff, and administration can be found by consulting the faculty’s webpage.

  • School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD)
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change (EUC)
  • Glendon
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Faculty of Health
  • Lassonde School of Engineering
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS)
  • Osgoode Hall Law School
  • Schulich School of Business
  • Faculty of Science

Campus and Facilities


Keele Campus

Keele Campus offers a vibrant and welcoming, large-scale campus experience for over 52,000 students, as well as faculty, staff, partners and the surrounding community. United by a shared ambition to promote and work towards positive change, this campus provides a unique opportunity to engage with diverse cultures and perspectives. As a thriving community hub, the Keele Campus experience is enhanced by its proximity and access to economic and cultural centres throughout the GTA and surrounding communities.

With a range of purposeful cutting-edge research and innovation opportunities and state-of-the-art academic, arts, technology, and athletic facilities, Keele Campus is a meeting place for a network of micro-communities.

Glendon Campus

Located in the dynamic, urban landscape of midtown Toronto, Glendon offers an intimate and welcoming environment on its picturesque, ivy-lined campus. With a focus on bilingual and trilingual programming, Glendon reflects Canada’s cultural diversity while offering a window into the rest of the world. Small classes combined with flexible learning paths provide a uniquely community-driven university experience. Being part of a thriving international network makes Glendon a rewarding experience for those looking for a warm campus environment with large-scale impact.

Markham Campus

Opening in 2024, academic programs and research at the university’s newest campus will revolve around the core themes of technology and entrepreneurship and how they are driving innovation.

Markham Campus will embed York University in the heart of one of the most diverse and dynamic urban communities in the province and country. Reflecting the local economy, academic programs and research will revolve around the core themes of technology and entrepreneurship and how they are driving innovation across all areas of knowledge and society.

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