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If you’re planning to take your dog kayaking, you’ll need some Kayak accessories for dogs. A dog harness is an ideal option for securing your pup to your kayak. A leash with a quick release Velcro closure is a good addition, as is a floating lead. You can also use a life jacket to keep your dog safe in the water. A leash should be long enough to reach your pup’s chest, and it should be sturdy enough to prevent your puppy from falling overboard.

You’ll also need kayak dog seats that are wide enough for your dog to stand and move around. Your pet will want to get some exercise, too, so a dog-friendly seat will make it easier to paddle. The right seat will have enough space for your dog. Personal floatation devices, or PFDs, are also essential. Personal flotation devices are designed to keep your dog in the kayak with you in case of an emergency.

Dogs may find kayaks uncomfortable and need special kayak accessories to protect them. A waterproof kayak dog carrier will keep them secure in the boat, and a leash will help keep them from falling out. A leash is also a great choice for kayaking with your dog. Your dog will be safer and more comfortable in a kayak than it would in an open space. And a life vest will keep them from getting motion sickness, too.

Many kayak enthusiasts take their dogs on their trips. After all, dogs are man’s best friend, and most love the water, so taking them on a trip in a kayak is the perfect way to spend quality time together. But, there are a few things that you should know before you take your dog out on the water. These dog kayak accessories will ensure that your dog is safe and comfortable while on the water. Here are some tips for getting your dog out on the water.

Kayak accessories for dogs

A specialized kayak seat for your pup is the best way to make sure your puppy is comfortable and happy while in the kayak. Several companies offer kayak dog seats made of water-resistant Thermo molded foam. You can also buy a permanent seat for your kayak that is easy to attach to the cockpit. For added security, get a waterproof dog carrier. Having a dog seat on your boat will help your dog feel safe and secure while you paddle.

Accessories for Kayaks for dogs

A variety of accessory options can be used to make your time at the beach with your dog more enjoyable. Certain accessories can help soothe your dog’s anxiety and you too. Some of the accessories may be considered silly or unnecessary, and there is no need for all of them. In the end, there’s only so much space in an inflatable kayak.
This list is not intended to be an exhaustive list. If we’ve missed something, please get in touch with us. So, let’s start right now!

Kayak seats for your pet

kayak accessories for dogs

Consider the doggy kayak seat if you’re looking to ensure that your dog is comfortable on the kayak. A kayak seat can keep your dog at a single spot if they have a designated space. Most seats are non-slip and water-resistant to prevent Fido from sliding across this hard plastic.

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It can also be a helpful tool for training. You can train your dog to obey commands such as “seat” when you are in the water. An area designated for your dog to sit on the kayak could be beneficial to take advantage of your trip.

Kayak dog decks

Most kayaks are made of hard plastic, making it difficult for your dog (and occasionally humans) to grasp and avoid sliding. One way to prevent slips is to install the dog deck, and mats for decks are put on your kayak to prevent your dog from sliding.

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The majority of deck mats are already shaped, and they can be cut to fit your requirements. They can be affixed to the deck of your kayak using the adhesive at the top of the pad. Dog decks are an excellent option to prevent your dog from sliding.

Mats can also be an ideal way to prevent the dog away from scratching on the deck of your kayak.

A platform for Kayaks explicitly designed for dog owners

A platform serves as a tool to help your dog return to your kayak if your dog gets on the sea, either on purpose or not. Outlets are available in various sizes and shapes, and it’s a ramp that can aid in getting your dog back on the kayak. A platform is an excellent option for both you and your pet after taking short swimming. One end is into the water, and one end goes on your boat.

Dog life jacket

kayak accessories for dogs

An adequately fitted Life jacket that is appropriately provided is mandatory for paddling, and the same applies to your dog. Many jurisdictions require an adult life jacket for kayakers, or at the very least carry one on board. Although your dog is an expert swimmer and has a great body, a life jacket could save their life when they suddenly fall into the water.

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There are a variety of alternatives to choose from. However, it is essential to ensure that the life jacket is appropriate for your pet. It’s better to be secure than sorry when kayaking with your pet.


kayak accessories for dogs

You guessed it, the dog goggles, also known as doggies. If you can convince your dog to put on them, a few users swear by a great pair of doggie goggles. They shield the eyes of your pet from not just water but also UV Rays. If your dog is prone to irritation eyes, you may want to consider some doggie-friendly products.

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If you’re in the middle of a lake, river, or inlet, and there is no shade, and the sun is shining onto the waters, your dog could be grateful for a pair of doggies.


You’ll likely consume snacks while you go kayaking, so make sure to pack some snacks for your pet too. If your dog enjoys swimming, it’ll be a serious energy hog; therefore, bring some snacks along.
Treats can also be an excellent way to get your dog to obey instructions. If they’re outgoing on a kayak trip, the training may be put to the side so that treats can be an excellent reward.


It’s easy to forget a few essentials when paddling with your pet. Make sure you bring plenty of water for both you and the dog. This is particularly important when it’s hot, and both you and your dog could become dehydrated after spending all day in the water.

Leash with a floating design

A leash that is floating comes in handy when your dog suddenly goes overboard. It is possible to use the leash to bring your pet toward you. A leash with a floating design is the best since a conventional leash could absorb water, adding weight.

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It is a good idea to keep your dog on a leash if you’re in a choppy pool of flowing water. If your dog is an experienced swimmer, getting them into rough waters is challenging. Find a leash that has an attached carabiner. It’s easier to utilize.

Remember never to attach your pet to the kayak. If the kayak flips over or another thing occurs, it could result in an accident.

Dog bowl

kayak accessories for dogs

There will be a need to feed your pet water and food while you kayak, particularly in the case of an all-day trip. A collapsible bowl is an ideal option to reduce space. It is possible to use just one bowl, and however, two bowls are the best.

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Despite being covered in fur, Dogs are at risk of sunburns, similar to humans. Skin areas like their nose and stomach can be burned without protection. It’s recommended to apply lather to your pet’s skin to avoid sunburns.

Waterproof phone case

Okay, it’s not an accessory for kayaking with your pet, but you’ll want to safeguard your smartphone while in the water. Of course, you’re likely to take a million images of your dog and share them.
Make sure that you have a waterproof phone case for your water-based adventure. It will not only keep your phone dry but also keep it floating when it is tossed into the lake.
Even when you’re in a choppy river, phones can become wet (been there, been there, experienced that). Heaven forbid your phone goes overboard. You’ll be in the middle of a mess, so ensure that your phone is ready for the pool.

Dry bag

Going on a kayak trip with your dog could result in both you and your pet being soaked (and cold). There’s the chance that either of you will be getting wet. It’s best to keep any extra items in the form of a dry container. You can store an extra towel, additional clothes, as well as other things that you’d like to dry in dry bags.
If you store treats for your pet or food in the car, it is possible to keep them in a dry bag too. Dry dog treats can be disgusting, perhaps not to Fido, and however, they are certainly a nuisance to us humans.

Are your dogs willing to go kayaking?

There are a lot of pet gear ready for paddling, But do you know if your dog is ready for adventure? Then, let’s consider how to tell whether your dog would be a suitable choice for kayaking or a kayak and how you could assist.

Try out some commands

Although your pup looks pretty well-trained, it may be the case that all of that training will be tossed out when your dog puts it onto the kayak. It’s an entirely different setting for your pet and may require some time to get used to.
It’s good to know the basic commands in place to make life simpler when you’re in a boat. Commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “seat” (as mentioned in the previous paragraph).
A great way to learn is to practice using your kayak on dry ground, kind of like a dry run. This will help you get your puppy used to the kayak even when it’s not on the water.


If your dog is not an infant, you must be aware of the kind of person you’re dealing with. Are your dogs relaxed, or does she seem to be anxious? If your dog is nervous, it could be a wildcard as you first take him into your kayak.

Do you have a dog who loves to swim, or do they hate water? It’s a good idea to consider before setting out on a tense kayak.

A large dog with an exuberant nature could make it difficult to paddle with. Before kayaking with your pet, it’s essential to be aware of the dog’s personality before departure.

Weight and size

We’ve talked about this issue before. The weight and size of your dog could affect your kayaking experience. In the beginning, kayaks come with a maximum weight that could be less than you thought. Be careful when loading your gear as well as your dog. The weight can pile quickly.
If you own a considerable dog who is quickly excited and prone to agitation, you could face some challenges when kayaking. Yes, kayaks are solid, but not as significantly when you’ve got large dogs rocking them around.
Small dogs, such as those you can carry in your pockets, don’t have a high chance of falling over. Medium-sized dogs are pretty easy to kayak within addition, as long as they’re well-trained.

Other aspects to be considered.

Kayak capacity

Many people do not check the kayak weight limit of an inflatable kayak before purchasing it. You may be surprised that the rating isn’t high enough. Be assured that gear can quickly add up. Make sure your kayak can handle the weight you’ll be carrying.

Unloading and loading

In the beginning, your dog might not be as enthusiastic about kayaking as you are. You should practice getting onto and off (in the form) from the kayak before when you get on the water.
Your dog will be comfortable loading and unloading on time. You can lure her in by offering treats so that she associates entering your kayak with treats. This works for humans also, in case you were wondering.

kayak attachments for dogs

If your dog can’t swim, you should invest in a dog kayak harness. These can help your dog stay on the water while you paddle. It can be difficult for your dog to grasp hard plastic, so an inflatable kayak with a larger opening can be a better choice. A yoga mat can also come in handy if you plan to kayak in the rain. Then, make sure your dog is trained to obey your commands. For example, you can use phrases such as “load,” “sit,” and “stay.”
A dog leash is also necessary. You can attach a leash to your dog’s collar to control him. The leash should be long enough to allow the dog to reach the lashing points in your kayak, and it should be attached to your kayak’s handles or a lashing end for your pet. In addition to leashes, you should have extra storage space in the kayak for food and water. If your dog is large enough, you may want to consider adding outriggers to your kayak.
A life jacket is a great kayak attachments for dogs. They will be safe and comfortable while kayaking. The life jackets feature a sturdy handle that helps you pull your dog back into the kayak. They also have a small D-ring, which means your dog can be attached directly to the life jacket. Lastly, a leash is a good idea. The kayak accessories for dogs should be comfortable and allow them to sit upright and lie down in the water.
A dog leash is also an essential accessory for kayaking with a dog. A dog’s leash should be flexible enough for the dog to move around quickly. A dog PFD should also be waterproof to prevent your dog from drowning. The other accessory should be a dog identification vest if you have a kayak with a dog leash. It would be best if you also had a dry bag for your pet’s PFD.
A waterproof first aid kit is a must for a kayak with a dog. Suppose your dog gets injured while kayaking. It is essential to have a first aid kit available. Having a dog leash will protect your kayak from damage caused by claws. In addition to a waterproof kennel, a dog leash should also be available. Besides the poop bag, you should also have a poop bag for your dog.
Inflatable kayaks are an alternative for dogs because they are sturdier and durable than other types. Inflatable kayaks also require that dogs have their nails clipped before using them in a kayak. While a dog’s leash should be mowed, a dog’s life jacket should be kept close by the dog’s feet and a waterproof bag. A dog’s life jacket will help prevent drowning.
Inflatable kayaks are perfect for dogs to ride in, but be sure to consult your veterinarian before taking your dog on a kayaking trip. It is important to note that some inflatable kayaks are not designed for dogs. You should also check the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing these products. A reputable retailer will guarantee that their product is safe for your dog. If you don’t, you should consider other options.

While you should not exceed the kayak weight limit, you should still be able to carry a lot of gear in it. In addition to taking a lot of equipment

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