Al-Aman Bahela Khatun Mosque

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Al-Aman Bahela Khatan Mosque is one of the oldest traditional mosques in Bangladesh. It is located in the town of Belkuchi, 20 kilometers south of Sirajganj. It is located on an area of nearly twenty and a half bighas, in the Mukandganti mahalla, ward eight of the Belkuchi municipality area.

Al-Aman Bahela Khatun Mosque

The complex houses Al-Aman Bahela Khatu Mosque, which is the second biggest in the country. It was built in 2016 at a cost of Tk 30 crore, and opened to the public on September 24th. The mosque also has a hospital attached to it, and has a library and self-filtered water. Although the construction work was completed last year, the mosque is still not fully finished.

The construction of this beautiful mosque was completed in 2016, and the Al-Aman Bahela Khatu Jame Mosque was inaugurated the following month. The complex features a large hall, a prayer area, and two pavilions. The first pavilion is made of granite, while the second features a marble floor and a wood ceiling. The structure was designed to be able to accommodate five thousand worshippers. Hijab Row: Brave Muslim girl Muskaan chants Allahu Akbar

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